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Gutter/Eavestrough Cleaning

Gutter/Eavestrough Cleaning

Having a properly installed, clean, and unobstructed eavestrough system is essential to maintain water flow in residential and commercial properties. Regular eavestrough maintenance can extend the life of your system and prevent expensive repairs to your home and landscaping due to damage caused by errant water. Every year homeowners fall while cleaning their own eavestrough. Why take that risk? Instead call Muskoka Gutters to get the job done safely. We provide professional residential eavestrough cleaning services in Muskoka Lakes, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Severn, Washago, Orillia, Barrie, Coldwater.

Clean, Flush and Tighten C.F.T

Eavestrough that was installed using hangers and Nails (Spike and Ferrel) will need to be cleaned annually in most cases.  We do take on the cleaning of eavestrough’s. We physically remove debris by hand and flush out the eavestrough including downspouts with water hoses. We then tighten loose Nails and hangers. The home owner is made aware of any corners and joints that need sealing or sections of Eavestrough that needs re-sloping etc. Once the Eavestrough has been cleaned and re-sealed were needed it is recommend that Alu-Rex 5300 series now be installed to prevent further clogging in the future. 5300 takes care and skill to be installed correctly. 5300 is also know as the Gutter  Clean system. It is added to pre-existing Eavestrough.

Affordable and High Quality Eavestrough To Protect Your Roof

Regular upkeep of your gutters not only prevents rainwater from collecting in them but also saves you from spending huge amounts in repairing structural damage. Your property’s maintenance and long-lasting aesthetic appeal will diminish if you have roof repairs and drainage issues. Without an eavestrough, the water will run down the walls and collect on the ground. Your basement or attic can also get flooded if continuous rainwater seeps through the walls. Your home eaves also include the soffit and fascia that work together with the eavestrough in safeguarding your property’s wellness.