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Muskoka Gutters provides complete full-service, high quality rainwater management for your home, cottage, or business. We offer premium quality gutter systems for all your drainage needs including installation, repair, seamless aluminum eavestroughs, soffit, fascia and leaf guard solutions.

The team at Muskoka Gutters is committed to providing our customers with reliable, precise service. With over 20 years of industry experience in all aspects of exterior construction, we are extremely skilled in providing solutions for your unique property.

Quality Gutter Installation Services

From new construction to home renovations, we provide quality gutter installation and repair services. Here at Muskoka Gutters we complete approximately 300 jobs per year including residential homes, apartment buildings, townhouse sites, and commercial projects. Our team of installers and repair experts make sure you are content with our services. Whether you need a new gutter installation, or replacement during winter or summer, we are always available.


When gutters and downspouts become clogged, misdirected water can cause damage to the integrity of your home. We can clean your existing gutters and provide solutions for ideal rainwater management.

Aesthetically adding a great finishing touch to the roof available in a wide variety of colours, and styles. Functionally providing ideal ventilation and optimal air flow which will prevent the buildup of icicles, moisture and mold.

Available in a variety of finishes and colours to provide a finished look with maximum protection from the demands of changing seasons.

Drip edge is an essential material that’s applied to a roof’s edge directing water away from the roof allowing the water to appropriately filter out of the roofing system to prevent damage.

Alu-Rex is a continuous fastening system that solidly mounts the rain gutters to your home with a mesh guard providing ideal protection against blocked waterflow due to debris, dirt or leaves that can damage your home.

We also perform work for various kinds of exterior improvement projects. Contact us to learn more about the additional exterior property services we offer.

Featured Manufacturer
Your Eavestrough Specialist

They might be the most under-appreciated feature of a house’s exterior finish, but we should all be grateful for good gutters. Having professionally installed gutters can save you a lot of headaches. At Muskoka Gutters, we only use top quality aluminum material and the best gutter system available on the market. They can be added to an existing rainwater management system or used to increase the durability and resistance of a new gutter.

Gutters Systems
DoublePro™ Eavestrough

DoublePro™ is the most advanced gutter filtration and support technology available. A unique design, it features two ingeniously perforated layers of industrial‐grade aluminum that keep debris out of the gutter and rainwater flowing away from your home. We highly recommend that all our customers consider the advantages of this revolutionary Alu-Rex product before making a final decision on their gutter system.

T-Rex® Eavestrough

Our most popular gutter model by far is the T‐Rex®, which can be installed on residential properties and commercial buildings. Perforated aluminum runs the length of the eavestrough, providing continuous protection and keeping it straight and free of debris.

Protecting Existing Gutters
Gutter Clean System®

Looking for a solution for clogged gutters? Gutter Clean System® gutter guards are designed to be easier to maintain by letting the wind do most of the heavy lifting.

Because their surface is made of perforated aluminum, debris sits on top, dries out, and is carried off by the breeze. Alu‐Rex guarantees your gutters will stay clog‐free for 40 years.


I recommend Muskoka Gutters to anyone looking for gutter services. They are a top notch company and do quality work. Thank you!

Janice M.

These guys know what they’re doing. Professional crew and solid work! 5 stars all the way.

Mike S.

Muskoka Gutters did an amazing job to repair my old gutters. They cleaned out all the debris and did quality work. Highly recommend!

Stacey J.