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Fascia Services

What is Fascia?

Fascia is basically the sturdy “face” of your roof supporting the lower edge of shingles and structure for the soffit. The fascia is the vertical part of the eave structure where the eavestrough is mounted. As this area is prone to water damage, aluminum fascia covers act as a barrier to protect the fascia boards from decay, eliminating the need for repainting.

Types of Fascia

Muskoka Gutters offers the following fascia services:

  • Aluminum: This fascia material is highly malleable and requires less maintenance to fit oddly shaped spaces. We have various colour options available to customize your roof and the exterior look of your property according to your needs.
  • Faux Wood: This material types gives a fancy and luxurious aesthetic to your home with low maintenance. It is environmentally-friendly, rot-free, insect-resistant and reliable as it will not warp, peel, or fade over time.

Fascia – Ultimate Resistance

Fascia covering is a low maintenance, durable, robust, and no more costly replacement of rotten wood! It’s ideal for buildings facing sun, rain, frost, snow and wind. Replacing rotten roofline and cladding systems with maintenance-free aluminum fascia will give your home a fresh new look and keep it protected from the elements for years.

One issue we often find when replacing fascia on a building is that the aluminum fascia was not installed correctly to begin with. This causes an ever bigger issue as the wooden fascia and rafter tails need replacing due to rot. The aluminum fascia must be folded adequately to allow for water shed to ensure this same issue does not occur again.